Universal Automatics is looking for quality machinery. Are you interested in selling or trading any of your current equipment? If so, we encourage you to examine the following list and discover which machinery that we are actively seeking. Those interested in selling or trading equipment are welcome to view our Sell/Trade-In page and submit a our request form.


We have immediate buyers for the following:


LNS / Edge / FMB / Iemca / MTA / SMW, Etc
4', 6', 12' bar lengths / All Capacity's
For Fixed Head stock and Swiss / Sliding Head stock CNC Lathes

CNC Machines & CNC Swiss Machines

Any age, any model

Bechler CCA Attachment

Citizen L20 VII 5M7 & 7M8 VII/VIII


Citizen L32 VII

Any age

Citizens: A20, B12, C16, C32, M12, M16, M20, M32, R04/07, A16/20, K16

Citizen F16/F20/F25

Davenport Machines

Any model, any year - Especially long beds

Davenport Machine Attachments

Escomatic Machines

D2, D4, D6, & NM-644/647 CNC