Universal Automatics buys and sells used metalworking machinery. We specialize in used single and multi-spindle automatic screw machines and chuckers, rotary transfers, CNC lathes, CNC swiss and many other kinds of equipment including bar loaders, machining centers, turning centers, and mills. We also offer a line of parts and attachments for major machine models.

Our staff is in constant contact with companies across the USA and internationally concerning any machines they may be looking to sell. We help establish a fair market value along with providing a market analysis indicating how many similar machines are currently available.

For companies adding machines to their current production line, we provide the availability of machinery that meets their needs and the current asking price.

For plant closings or departmental resizing, we offer assistance in asset sales, auctions, orderly liquidations, consignment of machinery and entire department or company sales.

Universal Automatics has user and dealer contacts in Europe as well as throughout the Americas and Asia. We are able to align your requirements with a perfectly matched machine.

And remember…
Whether you are buying or selling, we offer you the broadest exposure for all your machinery needs.